About Flexn

Flexn is a freelancing designer, illustrator and artist based in Berlin. The range of his work is developed from Pop- and Offculture like Comics, Punk and Streetart combined with fine arts, swiss design and typography.

He works for clients like: Adidas, Levi’s, Carhartt, Converse, Dummy Magazine and various other magazines, artists, clubs and lifestyleproducts.

Short CV

Jakub Kanior a.k.a. Flexn was born 1974 in Poland and raised in the western part of Berlin. 
Growing up with comics, punk-culture and Döner Kebab he escaped boredom, work & reality
with scribbling silly pictures. And this is what he is doing until today.
Jakub has been designing posters and flyers for the Berlin club scene for several years.
The spectrum of his work derives from different styles and techniques and ranges from clean
digital works over scrawly drawings to canvas and paintings. Despite the different executions
and influences his personal style is always recognizable.

Press: Bureau Baraque - Themenheft Schnitzel (2006): Flexn ist Pole und hat sich nie getraut, besonders tief
in das deutsche Land einzutauchen. Sprich: er wohnt in Berlin. Wir haben ihn in der Layoutabteilung vom
Springer-Konzern kennengelernt. Natürlich ist er ein totaler Kaputtnik, ganz wie wir es mögen.


2002 T-Fense World Tour - group exhibition, Adidas Originals Store Berlin
2003 NoWarFont exhibition - group exhibition, Showroom Greige Büro Für Design
2003-04 The Madeye - Non Comercial Art Display - group exhibition, Bread & Butter Berlin
2004 Flexn vs. Ohyun Exhibition - Carhartt Stores Berlin, Köln, Düsseldorf
2004 Exhibition Graff & Tag - group exhibition, Galeries LaFayette Berlin
2005 TypoSonic - Ausstellung für Typografie & Kunst - group exhibition, Museum Für Konkrete Kunst Ingolstadt
2006 Adicolor Studio Berlin - temporary studio and group exhibitions
2009 Das asthmatische Röcheln des Kühlschranks bei Nacht - exhibition & literary reading, SevenStar Gallery
2009 Michael Jackson Memorial - installation at the 2skin group exhibition, SevenStar Gallery
2010 Bad Karma, Good Karma - group exhibition, Forgoten Bar Gallery
2012 Bad waves & strange vibrations - solo exhibition, Henrietta Kulturhaus Norderney
2012 Wird schon, Wird schon... - group exhibition, Schau Fenster – Schauraum für Kunst
2012 Das weekly Speedexhibitioning - solo exhibition, Showroom Nordkurve Nürnberg
2009-16 Undplus Urban Gallery Store - group exhibition, Pop-up-Gallery
2016 Grunwald - solo exhibition, Rainbow Unicorn Gallery

Flexns works was featured in different books and magazines such as:
Books: Pictoplasma 2 & Pictoplasma Encyclopedia, Los Logos 3/4/6, Serialize, Introducing, Kelvin,
Magazines: Dummy, Lodown, Buckjumps, Brett, Fanzine no1, Ding

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